The Best Leather Tool Tote

The Best Leather Tool Tote

Best Leather Tool TotesHave you ever reached into your toolbox for a screwdriver and couldn’t find it? Better yet, did you ever need a wrench immediately so you could just fix the sink and go back to relaxing in front of the TV on your one day off only to waste valuable time trying to locate it?

There are better ways to spend your precious downtime. The same way there are better places to keep your tools. Your old toolbox is cluttered, inconvenient and not to mention heavy.

Try a leather tool tote instead. It is efficient, light, and a safe place to keep your equipment. And of course easier to carry around and store. The options we’re going to discuss with you today employ the latest technique and innovation in the business to give you high-end product for the best price.

We’ll go over a range of different products so that you can pick what’s best for your specific needs.

The Custom Leathercraft Electrician’s Tool Pouch is made from strong and durable high grain leather. You can expect this material to last and keep your tools protected. This premium leather bag for tools from Custom Leathercraft has a square, box-shaped design which keeps it from tipping over and dumping your tools all over the place. It also comes with a large divided main pocket for extra space and tool storage.

This product has a reinforced leather carrying handle and an electrical tape chain for lasting endurance and convenience. You can fit your tools and maintenance equipment in the Custom Leathercraft electrician’s tool pouch easily. Not only that but carry them about as you work and place them on the surface next to you for convenient access.

The special box-shaped design makes it easier for you to reach each of your tools and keep your leather tool tote upright. This product comes at an affordable price and a one year warranty.


  • The convenient size makes it easy to store and save space
  • High grain leather for lasting endurance
  • Divided main pocket for extra space and tool storage
  • The special box-shaped design makes it easier to reach tools and keeps your leather tool tote upright on your work surface
  • A leather reinforced carrying handle
  • A one year guarantee on a high-quality product that ensures reliability


  • Not big enough to accommodate your bigger tools
  • Nothing that keeps it close on top to prevent being taken or harmed by elements


As you go about your home or your job fixing things you need something that fits the tools of your trade. Something easy to carry, reliable and within your budget. This leather toolkit from Custom Leathercraft is the dependable and affordable option.

Occidental Leather has a name in the business for products that are comfortable and long-lasting. It goes without saying that this latest addition to their wide range of leather-based products is no exception. This leather tool tote from Occidental Leather is crafted from high quality and dependable leather.

The stronghold journeyman’s tote has an upright design for maximum efficiency. This allows for easy identification and convenient access. This product comes with built-in Steel Dee hardware which gives you the option of an attachable shoulder strap for when you need to sling your tool tote across a job site.

The stronghold journeyman’s tote is held together by a heavy, lock-stitched nylon thread ensuring durability. A leather tool bag needs to be strong to bear the weight of your equipment and last. Which is why you will appreciate the specially reinforced bottom on the stronghold journeyman. The overall construction of the product and the quality material used to assemble it assure reliability. The Occidental Leather tote is slightly pricey but well worth the money.


  • Occidental Leather is known for their quality of the long-lasting leather
  • The convenient design of the tool tote makes for easy identification
  • There are plenty of pockets on the stronghold journeyman to accommodate the diverse range of equipment you carry
  • This leather tool bag comes with a reinforced bottom that is strong enough to bear the weight of your tools and last
  • The convenient option of an attachable shoulder strap


  • This bag is not big enough to carry some of your heavier equipment
  • Not a good option for someone browsing within a budget


This product comes from a company that has made a name in the industry for their quality of leather and the equipment they make. If you want a strong and enduring leather toolkit than you should get the stronghold journeyman’s tote from Occidental Leather. The quality of the product justifies the price.

For those of you that need a larger option for carrying tools to work there is the Klein tools leather tote. Klein Tools pride themselves on more than a century’s worth of experience in expert construction. And that same expertise is utilized in the strength and wear resistant construction of their leather tool tote.

This product is manufactured from extra tough leather to prevent damage to itself as well as the tools inside. There is heavy-duty and durable stitch work on this product and riveted construction. Not to mention each end of this leather tote is reinforced for extra strength. It has a double ply bottom secured with steel studs. This leather tote bag is built to withstand strain and weight. And you can utilize the size and depth to easily fit some of your heavier equipment. Just place them into your leather tote and toss it into the back of your car.

Without worrying about damage to either the bag or the tools. On the basis of their impeccable construction, Klein offers a lifetime guarantee in case there is a defect in the material or the workmanship.


  • Extra heavy-duty construction assures endurance
  • A large option built to accommodate and carry your heavier tools
  • Open construction on top makes it easier to reach in and grab the tool you need
  • You can carry it in the back of your car
  • Excellent quality at an affordable price
  • The reliable leather work makes for a safe space for your tools
  • Klein offers a lifetime guarantee


  • There are no pockets for your smaller tools
  • There is no way to secure the opening for safety


Klein Tools have set the standard for quality construction. You can see that in the elaborate and reliable construction of the leather tote for hand tools. For heavier equipment, you not only need something larger but also stronger. This leather tote from Klein is built to withstand the strain of your equipment and keep them safe.

The Deluxe leather bag comes with the quality assurance of Klein tools. This product is constructed with the same expert precision as the previous model. Extra heavy leather for lasting endurance and impeccable construction to achieve maximum durability. Now let’s talk about the added improvements on this model:

  • A convenient removable shoulder strap padded for extra comfort and support
  • 3-Ply bottom secured with steel studs
  • The retaining straps secure around the bag for extra support
  • Fastenings that keep your tools protected from the elements

This model has all the qualities that made the previous product from the same company valuable. And it also has added features which improve the overall design. This leather tool tote comes with a 3-ply bottom that allows you to carry heavier equipment with ease.

Of course, it is a little pricier than the previous model but the added features make it worth your while. Not to mention that this deluxe leather bag from Klein tools also comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • A quality construction which ensures an enduring product
  • Secured for extra support with the retaining straps
  • 3-Ply bottom makes for a more secure base for heavier tools
  • A large option to carry your bigger tools
  • Fastenings that secure the bag and assure safety
  • Convenient and removable padded shoulder strap for easier transport
  • A lifetime guarantee on a product with expert construction


  • No pockets to ensure the safety of your smaller tools
  • A little pricier if you’re looking for a bag for your day today tools


This Deluxe Leather bag actually improves the strength of the previous model allowing you to carry even heavier tools and equipment. And the full flap with fastenings secures your tools. It might be priced a bit more, but you will appreciate the added features and the lasting quality of this product.

The Tuff-Tote from Ideal Industries is constructed from premium leather for a long-lasting performance. This leather tool tote comes with a strong carry handle and a convenient attachable shoulder strap. You can remove it for easier storage. This product has a stiff and upright design making it easier to identify and reach tools.

The Tuff-Tote offers plenty of space for your tools with two divided compartments on either side of a large center compartment. And on the outside, it has at least four pockets and eight tool loops.

Not to mention the helpful screwdriver loops. The bottom has been reinforced for extra support and fitted with a water-resistant layer to help protect your valuable equipment. The steel hardware used to secure it is rust resistant as well. And the entire design is secured with a nylon lock-stitch. This product might seem pricey but the quality and convenience are absolutely worth it.


  • Premium leather ensures lasting quality
  • It has a reinforced bottom for extra support
  • The extra layer fitted into the bottom to prevent any water damage
  • Lots of pockets for individual tools
  • Upright design makes for easier identification of the different tools
  • Strong carry handle and removable shoulder strap
  • Compact construction makes for easier storage


  • It will not be able to accommodate your bigger equipment
  • Definitely pricey if you’re on a budget


If you’re looking for a high-quality product that has convenient tool storage and will last you a long time then you should get the Tuff-Tote. Not only will it easily store all your smaller tools but will keep them protected as well.

How long should I expect my leather tool tote to last?

There is a very specific reason that multiple companies have developed tool carriers out of leather: because good quality leather lasts a long time. And it is a good and convenient place to keep your tools. If you decide to buy a leather tool bag from the list above you can expect it to last a long time.

Will the leather tool tote keep my tools safe?

As most of the tools and equipment we work with on a daily basis are metal we need to keep them in a place that limits as much exposure to the elements as possible. And a leather tool tote provides that space for your tools. For extra safety, you can get a leather toolkit that is especially water resistant.

How can I maintain my leather tool tote?

There are cleaning agents available in the market specifically for the maintenance of leather products. Every once in a while you should give your leather tool tote a good cleaning. This is necessary not only to increase the life of the product but also for the safety of your tools. You should also be careful that you are using the right size and strength of bag to store the right tools. Each manufacturer very specifically states the kind of strain their product can withstand. If you decide to test a leather bag by carrying a heavier limit then it was designed for then you cannot expect it to last very long. Or blame the manufacturer.

Does a leather tool tote have enough space for all of my tools?

Yes, it does. Whether you need to carry just a few large tools to a worksite or if you have a lot of small tools and implements for which you would like a convenient and easily accessible storage spot you can find the right leather tool tote in the list above.

Why should I get a leather tool bag when I have a toolbox?

Because a leather tool bag is actually an improvement on your traditional toolbox. It is lighter so that you are only carrying your tools and not the added weight of a heavy toolbox. It is made of quality leather which is weather resistant as well as rust resistant. And that is not something you can say about your toolbox. And if you hang your leather tool tote on a shoulder strap to carry around it will be easier on your body than a toolbox would be.

We have reviewed several choices for your convenience. But when we consider quality, endurance and not to mention affordability, it is clear that one leather tool tote stands above the others: the Custom Leathercraft Electrician’s tool pouch. This product has a strong construction that will accommodate your tools and a convenient design which allows for easy access. And a number of different pockets to store your different tools as well as an electrical tape chain. All of these features for an easily affordable price.

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