Best Tool Tote Bag: Our Top 5 Picks of 2019

Best Tool Tote Bag: Our Top 5 Picks of 2019

A quality tote tool bag is essential to carrying around your full list of tools.

The best tote tool bags are comfortable to carry, have loads of pockets for storage, and stay upright to prevent spilling.

On the other hand, a poor-quality tote tool bag is a complete waste of money. They’re uncomfortable to carry around, and don’t have enough space for holding more than a couple tools (why even bother?).

To help you separate the good from the bad – we’ve reviewed the Top 5 Tote Tool Bag of 2019.

Buy with the confidence that you’re buying one of the best tote tool bags on the market.

Let’s dive straight into the reviews.

Best Tool Tote Bag

1.    Custom Leathercraft 1529 Tray Tool Bag

Custom Leathercraft Custom LeatherCraft 1529 16-Pocket, 16-Inch Center Tray…

  • 16 POCKETS FOR STORAGE: 8 pockets outside and 8 inside to organize a wide range of tools and accessories
  • COMFORTABLE TO CARRY: Extra padded carrying handles and adjustable shoulder strap
  • PLASTIC PARTS TRAY TO ORGANIZE SMALL PARTS: 13½” x 9″ multi-compartment plastic parts tray included, stores into middle compartment for easy access to the rest of bag contents

The CLC Leathercraft bag is a very convenient size. It has 15 pockets and a 13.5 inch by 9 inches, tray with multiple compartments for your screw, fasteners, nail etc. It is made out of a durable polyester fabric that will last you a long time.

Furthermore, the CLC Leathercraft bag has two large pockets for keeping large tools, 12 outside pockets for keeping tools you need quick access to, and one zipper where you can keep your valuables without the fear of dropping them somewhere.

The Custom LeatherCraft 1529 Toolbag with its accompanying tray is a very useful organizer for most tools. It is also very economical and will prove to be a durable investment.


  • Padded shoulder strap so that you can comfortably carry the bag
  • Tray with multiple compartments that fits inside the bag
  • Outside pockets that make it easy to reach the tools time and again
  • Large pockets containing loops to hold your tools in place
  • Zipped pocket to help prevent loss of valuables
  • A good investment as it is budget-friendly


  • The walls collapse inside and are not very rigid


The bag is not suitable for keeping very heavy tools in the outside pockets as the walls collapse inside. If this is not inconvenient for you then we will suggest this bag as it delivers a strong, sturdy design that is highly functional.

DEWALT  Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier


DEWALT DG5582 Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier & Parts Tray, 11 In.,…

  • 23 POCKET TOOL BAG: This tool carrier allows for a wide variety of tools and parts, and includes a flap-covered pocket and two zippered pockets.
  • COMFORTABLE TO CARRY: This tool bag is adjustable, with a non-slip padded shoulder strap and a non-slip handle, to make carrying more comfortable.
  • OPEN-TOP DESIGN TOOL BAG: This tool bag features an open top design for excellent visibility and access to tools and parts in large center cavity.

The DEWALT DG5582 tool carrier is designed to provide you with multiple organizing options. An open top bag with 23 pockets that include 2 zippered pockets, side pockets that holds an 11 inch by 9-inch multi-compartment tray, a measuring tape clip, an electrical tape clip and a spring clip, the DEWALT DG5582 is specialized for extreme functionality.

It stays upright and sturdy. Moreover, the open top design helps to make your tools easily accessible. The DEWALT DG5582 tool carrier is a versatile organizer that can help you put in tools of all shapes and sizes.


  • Two zipped pockets to prevent loss of valuables
  • A tray with multiple compartments to store screws, nails, fasteners etc
  • A clip to hold different tapes
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Box design makes it stay upright


  • The material it is made out of makes the bag very heavy to carry around
  • Some driver loops are too tight


DEWALT DG5582 bag is sturdy and is the perfect size to carry around. It also delivers a lot for the price it is being sold at.

Bucket Boss 70012 Gatemouth Tote

The Bucket boss tote is simply like the name suggests, a well-organized bucket. It has a capacity of 11 liters and lets you store tools in the free space inside and in the multiple pockets on the exterior.

The walls are extremely rigid and sturdy. The bag also has a tape clip and two side pockets made out of elastic mesh for easy storage. It not only has ample space, but its bucket like appearance makes it easy to quickly access the tools you need. It’s rigid and does not collapse and you can keep it anywhere near you while working.


  • Steel handles have a rubber foam grip for easy handling
  • Very rigid walls that do not collapse when you put in heavy tools
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Size is perfect for carrying it around from one place to another
  • Made out of lightweight material


  • Prone to wear and tear after some time
  • No shoulder strap so you cannot wear it
  • No tray or boxes to hold nails, screws etc


This lightweight tool organizer is perfect for you if you are looking for a functional product for large to medium sized tools.

Florida Coast RB15002 Tool Tote

Made from 100 percent cotton canvas, the Florida Coast RB15002 Tool Tote Bag has a double layer of exterior pockets and a large, inside space. The exterior pockets are all of the multiple dimensions allowing various types and sizes of tools to fit inside. The bag has an open top and no zips. The bag has double stitched seams and the material makes it highly durable for heavy duty usage.

The Florida Coast RB15002 Canvas Tool Tote bag is a very good fit for artists and photographers as well as construction workers, electricians etc. It is a budget-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and functional organizer. It comes at a very good price for the features it has.


  • Two rows of a total of 24 pockets on the outside, making tools very easily accessible
  • An open compartment on the inside to place large tools
  • 100 percent pure cotton canvas making it long lasting
  • A very aesthetic finish due to the original color of canvas used
  • Rigid and sturdy


  • Light color tends to get dirty easily
  • No zipped pockets
  • No trays all small compartments


If an open top, beautiful and sturdy design with multiple pockets of various sizes are your primary needs then you should definitely go with this.

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tote

The Klein Tools 554161014 Tradesman Pro Tote is compact and contains 40 pockets. It is an open bucket-like the design, with an orange interior finish. It contains a zippered pocket in the front and has a strap to hang the bag along with handles. The bag is made out of sturdy materials that last very long without much wear and tear and can be easily used for heavy duty work.

It is an open tote bag which is slightly expensive but it can prove to be a great investment as it is very sturdy and durable.


  • Very easy to access tools due to the open bucket-like design
  • Lots of pockets (40) to hold all your tools in
  • Orange interiors prevent tools from camouflaging and makes them easy to find
  • Zipped pocket to keep valuables in


  • The bag is too deep and tools get lost inside
  • The handles are not padded which makes it uncomfortable to hold


The Klein Tools 554161014 Tradesman pro 10 inches Tote bag is an ideal fit for those looking for an organizer with deep pockets and numerous holders.

Why do you need a Toolbag?

A tool bag becomes a requirement when you are working in the field. You need your tools to be organized so that you do not waste time searching for them. Tool bags are specially designed to assist you on site. They help you keep all your tool in a specific order and also helps them keep safe.

What features should you look for when buying a tool bag?


The stronger your tool bag the longer it will last. Strong and sturdy tool bags are made out of canvas or other poly fabrics. Pick a bag with a material that is lightweight and can handle the weight of the tools.

Multiple pockets:

The most salient feature of a tool bag is perhaps the number of pockets it has. You must select one with the optimum number of pockets to fit all your tools in. You should also be careful of the sizes of these pockets. The pockets should be of various sizes so that all your different tools will fit in one bag.

Zipped pockets:

Zippers are a valuable asset to your tool bag. They help prevent loss of your valuables. Your wallet, keys, phone, and cards tend to fall out of open pockets. A zipper protects them and keeps them safe.

Padded Bags:

Padding on the bottom and sides of the bag is extremely important. This increases the life of the bag. Tools are sharp and heavy objects and they may damage the outer material of the bag hence a padded bag should be preferred. This will also protect your tools against wet and dirty surfaces.

Padded shoulder straps and handles:

A padded shoulder strap is needed so that the heavy weight of the tools does not put extra strain on your shoulder blades. The handles should also padded so that the heavy bag does not damage your palms when you hold it for an extended period of time.

Sturdy design:

The body should be rigid, and sturdy so that the weight of the tools in the outer pockets do not collapse inside.

Wide-mouthed opening:

Ideally, the toolbox must have a wide mouth so that taking out the tools is easy while working. The wide mouth also lets tools of all sizes to fit inside the bag.

Hooks and Clips:

Some tool bags come with clips and holders for tape measures and other such tools. These become very handy when working on site.

Waterproof and water resistant:

If your tool bag is water resistant or waterproof, your tools will stay safe and will not rust. So you might want to look for bags that come with this added feature.

The weight of the bag:

The bag should not be heavy. The weight of the tools, combined with the weight of the bag might make it difficult to carry around. Choose a bag that is light in weight, this will make it a portable asset.


Some bags come with trays that have tiny compartments to store nails, screws, buttons etc. So if you require a multi-compartment tray then be sure to get a tool bag that comes with one.


From our research, we have found the Custom Leathercraft  1529 Tray Tool Bag to be the most functional, sturdy and economical tool bag. It is durable, comes with a multi-compartment tray, 15 pockets including a zipper, an open top design, and padding that makes it ergonomically efficient. Custom leathercraft is a company that has been delivering high-quality tool bags for years. Each of their products is tailored to perfection and is manufactured to resist wear and tear.

With an 87 percent customer satisfaction rate the CLC 1529 Tray Toolbag delivers exactly what it promises at a very pocket-friendly price. This bag is extremely user-friendly and will last you for a really long time and will become your companion on site. It is an investment that you will not regret that also comes with a One Year limited warranty. So have no fear of wasting money on a bag that is unsuitable for you, this one will fulfill all your organizing needs.

We hope that our analysis of these bags helped you in deciding one that suits your requirements and now you will not have to spend hours searching for tools in your unorganized bags. If you found this useful do not forget to share this article with your colleagues, friends, and family so that they too can benefit from this information.

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