Best Residential AC Disconnect (Our Top Picks of 2019)

Best Residential AC Disconnect (Our Top Picks of 2019)

Review of Best AC DisconnectAC disconnects are also known as a fuse box or switch box. They are for controlling the breakers and fuses which are the main energy suppliers of the air conditioner. They increase your safety when you run power for the air conditioners. AC disconnects act as safety switches which disconnect the load from the power sources. They are smaller than safety switches. Usually, they are used with air conditioning appliances where a load disconnect is necessary.

AC disconnects are helpful where circuit breakers are not accessible. They provide a safer and quicker means to shut off all the power. AC disconnects are available in a variety of styles and amps value.

In the article below, we have a list of 5 best AC disconnects. Each of them has its own Amps value and features. Their specs are thoroughly discussed. Also, some buying guides are there to let you have an idea of them.

A good working AC disconnect by a renowned company, Siemens. This is an Air conditioner disconnect box which has a steel enclosure. So, this makes it a sturdy disconnect box for your home. It includes all materials of imported quality. So, this makes sure that it remains durable. It is a 60 Amp disconnect box with a single phase. It has 2 poles suitable for a single phase AC circuits. Also, it has 2 wires system.

The voltage level at which this disconnect box includes is 240 volts. It features a rugged material with an easy to install facility. You can mount it easily for a quick installation. Its pullout head can be easily replaced in the off position. This is the best AC disconnect for disconnecting electrical equipment. This disconnect has a one year warranty for parts only. Also, it is UL listed for its safety.


  • The steel structure of this disconnect box is quite rigid.
  • It is easy to install a box with all the instructions.
  • This is a great quality from a good company at a reduced
  • It is appropriate for electric water heaters and AC units.
  • Total 6 knockouts for ½’’ or ¾’’ conduit, two on the bottom and one on each side.


  • The throw of the puller is quite short.
  • Its size is very small to be as an AC disconnect.


This is a great disconnect box by Siemens.  For a sturdy material, accurate safety and less price, this is a perfect choice for you.

Another among the list of the best AC disconnect. This is an AC disconnect with 60 Amps amperage capacity value and 240 volts. It is a 7.5-kilowatt non fused AC disconnect. From a company of 90 years’ experience in this industry, this is a great AC disconnect for a great price. It is made of the sturdy non-metallic structure. So, it will remain rust-free and last longer. This thing makes it suitable for installation on the outdoors.

This is a perfect and safest AC disconnect which is used to disconnect electric equipment. Its rain-proof enclosure lets you install it out of your homes as well. It is a not fusible air conditioner disconnect. The rough electrical and disconnect terminals are the included components. Also, it is available in gray color. You can install it easily with an easy to install instructions.


  • This is a great disconnect between an unbelievably less price.
  • It has a very sturdy quality material used in its outer construction for protection against weather.
  • It has a quick installation feature.
  • It provides short protection and gives zero overcurrent.
  • This is much cheaper for its quality and features.


  • When combined with the GFI breakers, the box is missing the ground bar.
  • It is not a true square D.


The AC disconnect by squared Schneider is one of the best AC disconnects for your home safety. It does its job nicely and at a much better price.

A single phase AC disconnect by Cutler-Hammer. This AC disconnect has 2 poles and 2 wires system. It has a voltage level of 240 volts. It features amperage value of 60 Amps. This AC disconnect has a galvanized steel enclosure with a molded switch. So, this makes it a heavy duty and durable disconnect. Not only this, it is welded and has riveted construction which makes it a little stronger.

It is rated 3 HP at 120 volts and 10 HP at 240 volts. It has a swing-up cover which maintains its place when in an open position. Featuring 10,000 AIR, it has provision for padlocking. This is one of the best AC disconnects and is UL listed for its safe usage. Its protective shield can be removed for an access to the fuses. This is great to have AC disconnect for your electrical equipment’s safety. With a compact size, it is easy to install and looks good.


  • This connector box is very well made.
  • It is an easy to install AC disconnect.
  • The most beneficial thing about this product is that it has a lockable cover.
  • This is an amazing safety for an amazing price.
  • The structure of the outer AC disconnect is sturdy.
  • This is a great product available for the safety for an awesome price.


  • It is not the OE.
  • This AC disconnect cannot be made fusible


An ideally suitable for making your electrical equipment usage safer. This disconnect by Cutler-Hammer would be a great purchase for your safety.

Another awesome AC disconnect by Siemens. This one is also UL listed for its safety and protection. It is an outdoor rated AC disconnect. It means it is good to use on the outdoors installations. It can protect the inner fuses from harsh weather conditions. Its amperage value is 30 AMP. With a metal enclosure, it is a sturdy AC disconnect to have in your home.

Not only this, it is a single phase disconnect with 30 or 60 AMPS rated. It also gives padlocking feature for protection against unauthorized access. It has two options for the material; either plastic or steel. Also, this disconnect features a sliding switch as well as fusible and non-fusible options. It has GFI receptacles installed. Its GFI receptacle is a 15A. The open bottom of the cover allows plugging the cord into it whether the door closes or opens.


  • The installation of this disconnect box is very easy.
  • This is an excellent product to have in your home for the safety of your electrical equipment.
  • It has a sturdy material which will last for a long time.
  • The advantage is the inclusion of GFI.
  • It is a perfect D square AC disconnect.


  • Sometimes a contact from pull out is missing.
  • Sometimes, when it arrives, it is broken.


A great and one of the best AC disconnect for you. It is a product from a renowned company so this ensures its quality guarantee.

A highly durable and long lasting AC disconnect. GE is known for manufacturing its best AC disconnects in the market. This product is made in China. It is a fusible AC disconnect with an amperage value of 30 AMPS. It has two poles like others. Also, it is a single phase AC disconnect. The outer material is made of the sturdy steel structure. It does not corrode any sooner.

With a compact size, it is easy to install and looks good. The product has a high quality design and used the high quality material in its manufacturing. This AC disconnect is one of the best AC disconnect available for a cheaper price. It is safe to use disconnect which protects against short circuits and over current. It can protect the inner fuses from harsh weather conditions.


  • This AC disconnect is great to use for solar setup as well.
  • This is a very reasonably priced AC disconnect and works great.
  • Made of sturdy material.
  • It is made of an imported quality material in China.
  • It works nicely for a long time and protects against any mishap.


  • The cutout is not properly cutouts and sometimes you need to use a chisel.


This is an awesome protector for all your electrical equipment. GE AC disconnect is available at a reasonable price and with great features.

AC disconnects can save you from many mishaps. But for that, having the right type of AC disconnect is very important. So, here we have collected some buying guides for you to pick the best AC disconnect.

Q1. Are these disconnects easy to install?

Yes, most of the AC disconnects which come on the market have their instructions manual with them. This makes it for the user to install them easily. They have screws and mounting holes so you can easily mount them. You won’t be needing any special assistance for that.

Q2. What is meant by Ampere in AC disconnect?

These are the type of switch ratings. They are usually listed by horsepowers, volts and also the amperes. It is the value of the current which this AC disconnect supports. If it is 60 AMP, it will be for the current value/ amperage of 60 AMP. It is the value of the flow of electricity through it.

Q3. What is the use of the voltage value in switches?

Voltage is an electric potential. Without it, there would be no amperes. The voltage rating is the ability of the switch or AC disconnect to suppress the internal arc. The voltage marked on the AC disconnects allows the switch to function properly at that current value for that maximum voltage.

Q4. What is the amp rating in a switch? Does it vary?

The amp rating is the max current that a particular disconnect can carry. It is different for different AC disconnect and varies.

Q5. What is meant by HP in AC disconnects?

HP means the Horse Power. It reflects the amount of the current it can handle whenever the device is turned on. The more Horse Power any AC disconnect has, the better it is. Because it will be able to withstand high values of currents.

Q6. Which material is better?

AC disconnects come in mostly two types of materials. One is steel structure and the other one is plastic. Though, it depends on the user as he needs which type. But, mostly steel ones are considered to be sturdier. They can bear harsh weather conditions. If it is made of a good quality steel, it will not corrode any sooner.

The drawback of plastic is that it is more prone to breaking. But, they have qualities among them. And, a good quality plastic material will make AC disconnect to last for a long time.

Q7. What are some other buying tactics which we can follow?

The most important thing you can keep in mind is your home wiring. Your AC disconnect should match with the wiring structure of your home.  Also, don’t rely only on price. Look for the best AC disconnect you can have in the price you can pay. Make sure, you have a warranty claim with you if you are going to but this.

Q8. What is meant by single phase AC disconnect?

In a single phase AC disconnect, the voltages of the supply vary in unison. Single phase is an AC alternating current electric power. In that case, there is one neutral wire and only one power wire.

AC disconnects are great when it comes to protecting your air conditioners from shorts. They feature multiple amps and volts values as well as materials. Among some of the best AC disconnects we discussed, Siemens’ WN2060U stands on the top. It is because of its reasonable price, good quality and compact size that makes it stand at the top.

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