Best Insulated Screwdrivers: Electricians Top 8 of 2019

Best Insulated Screwdrivers: Electricians Top 8 of 2019

Best Insulated Electrical Tools reviewLooking for the Best Insulated Electrical Tools? You have come to the right place.

We are going to show you some of the best insulated screwdrivers available.

There is a broad range of brands that make quality tools, but our favorite when it comes to insulated tools is Klein Tools.

Klein is well known throughout the industry as a manufacturer of some of the best electrician tools.

If you are an apprentice electrician or a seasoned journeyman, Insulated Electrical tools should always be at the ready or in your tool bag or tool backpack.

Below we list some of the insulated tools on the market:

Klein is one of the oldest makers of electrical and mechanical tools based in the United States of America. Klein is one of the leading manufacturers of insulated tools for electrical work. Klein’s tools are known worldwide to be robust, durable and efficient in their work.

The Klein Tools 33532 INS is one of the best set of insulated electrical tools out there. It includes one 1/4” Cabinet-Tip (602-4-INS) and one #2 Phillips-Tip (603-4-INS). Both of these tools are equipped with a comfortable and soft cushion grip. These tools have been electrically insulated by using a durable, two-layer insulation. The insides of these tools have been coated with a white high dielectric coating which has been bonded with steel in order to provide maximum protection.

These Klein tools reduce the risk of an electric work up to 1000V. The outer coating which is orange in color helps to resist impact and flame.


  • These tools have been insulated using a double layer of insulation.
  • The Klein Insulated Electrical Tools are flame and impact resistant.
  • They reduce the risk with electrical work by up to 1000V.
  • The soft rubber grip helps you with precision control and also helps with torque precision.
  • To make the tools even stronger, a white high dielectric has been bonded with the steel.


  • There is only a particular size available so it might not be suitable for some particular work.


Klein tools have produced a marvelous set of tools which are sure to make your work easier and free of risk. We would highly recommend you to buy this product as it is affordable as well.

Greenlee has been one of the foremost manufacturers of electrical equipment since its inception. Greenlee is most famous for producing high voltage insulated tools such as their insulated screwdriver kit.

The kit includes a total of 9 electrically insulated screwdrivers fit for everyday use and high voltage work. All of the pieces included in the kit have been thoroughly tested to 10,000 VAC. These tools have been individually tested and have been rated for 1,000 VAC. The Greenlee Electrical tools kit is one of the best insulated electrical tools kits due to the fact that it provides the user with dual layer of protection.

These tools have been coated with a double layer of insulation which reduces any further risk of high voltage damage.


  • These tools have been coated with dual layer insulation.
  • The Greenlee tools have been individually tested for 10,000 VAC.
  • Greenlee provides a custom roll-up tool case carrier for easier transport and protection.
  • They have been designed ergonomically to provide the best kind of torque and comfort to the user.
  • Black phosphate plated tips have been used for accurate fastener contact.


  • The tips may not be very durable as they are known to get chipped easily.
  • They may not be very suitable for highly critical mechanical or electrical work.


Greenlee provides a limited lifetime warranty with its tools which is a positive point for Greenlee. These tools are known for their durability and reliability. They are extremely safe and easy to use due to their ergonomic design.

If durable and safe screwdrivers and tools are what you have been looking for, then look no further. The Dewalt DWHT66417 insulated screwdriver set is undoubtedly one of the best insulated electrical tools.

The unique feature of this set is that the handle and the tips are kept separate. The handle has been made carefully using vinyl. This handle provides users with the efficient grip which they might require from a screwdriver. The set consists of 8 pieces; each having different lengths and diameter.

The set also comes with one precision handle in order to ensure maximum and efficient torque management. They have been insulated with a single thick coating in order to prevent electrical mishaps.


  • The unique feature which sets it apart is that the handle and tips are separately present in the set.
  • The rated voltage on the set is 1000V which is ample for medium-level electrical work.
  • Dewalt provides the user with a carrying case making it easier to carry these tools around.
  • They are lightweight; thereby increasing the portability and convenience of these tools.


  • The tips are not magnetic. Usage of these screwdrivers can hence become a cumbersome task altogether.
  • They are not very heat resistant as they do not have an extra


Although Dewalt provides a better price for the tools they have offered, the tools are nothing that great. They are the best tools you can find on a low budget so they are the best in that regard.

KNIPEX has been known in the electrical tools market to provide some innovative tools and kits for their customers. Not only are their products of premium grade, they are safe as well as durable and comfortable to use.

KNIPEX Flat insulated plier is one of the best of their tools available. It has been constructed using a special robust and sturdy material called fiberglass. The handle and grip have been manufactured using reinforced plastic which is also strong and resistant to easy breakage.

This plier has been insulated in order to reduce the risk of a short circuit or any other electrical mishap. For a much better grip, the KNIPEX insulated plier has been covered with soft plastic that helps with efficient torque management as well.


  • The product has been produced using fiberglass which is a strong sturdy material.
  • The insulated electrical tool meets the requirements of ASTM f1505.
  • It works most efficiently with chemically aggressive environments.
  • Precision is managed and ensured by the soft plastic grip provided with the KNIPEX insulated plier.
  • Torque management works great with this insulated plier.


  • The grip on the KNIPEX plier may not be very firm and strong so slipping might be a real chance.


KNIPEX Insulated Plier is a budget-friendly product that provides the best kind of amenities that can be offered in the price range. It is a highly efficient product which will get almost all of your work done in no time.

Wiha prides itself on producing the top-quality industrial tools and material which have been forged from the best kind of durable and strong materials such as steel and so on. They are also innovative and bring something new to the market.

The Wiha 32985 Insulated Industrial Pliers is one of the best insulated electrical tools. These Wiha tools have been individually tested to over 10,000 VAC and have been rated 1,000V on AC and 1,500 V on DC.

The unique feature of this product is that the insulation has been molded directly on to the blades in order to ensure permanent bonding. Wiha insulated tools can also be a part of the arc flash protection techniques due to its superior insulation.


  • The product utilizes CVM tool steel which is a hardened form of the conventionally available steel.
  • It sports a soft cushion grip which is ergonomic in design for better grip and comfort.
  • It also boasts induction hardened jaws and edges for betting usage.
  • The Wiha tools have been finished with the standard industrial brush finish.


  • The pouch may not be a great fit as it is quite small.
  • The screwdrivers are not very versatile and may not work for a variety of other applications.


Wiha tools is certainly a great addition to your toolkit if you decide to purchase it. They even offer a limited warranty. Overall, the Wiha Tools is a great product which is also budget-friendly.

One of the most premium products on this list is the KNIPEX 989830US Industrial Tool Set. KNIPEX has produced some of the top-quality materials ever since their inception.

This industrial toolset is a 10-piece industrial kit which aims to provide extra protection and convenience to the user. It actively prevents injury by the electrical shockwave from energized circuits. It can withstand and resist 1000 AC voltage.

The insulated screwdrivers have been designed to have a triangular handle for greater grip and comfort. The handles are strong, durable and have been tested for 1000 Volts VDE.


  • The product comes with a black case to hold and store the tools.
  • All of the insulated tools present in the KNIPEX 989830US are compliant with the ASTM and IEC standards.
  • All the pieces present in the toolset provide optimum grip and convenience.
  • The steel used for the construction of these toolsets consists of 0.8 percent carbon and the rest are alloys of steel, iron, and


  • Claiming the warranty may not very hassle free and that might be a problem. Make sure to check all the features and ensure if you really want it.


Overall, the KNIPEX tool set is an efficient and ergonomic set of tools which provide the best experience to the user. They come with a limited time warranty and the price on them is average.

The BOOHER 0200105 Insulated Industrial Tool Set is undoubtedly one of the best insulated electrical tools set out there on the market. They are not only prone to electrical and mechanical mishaps, they also prevent overheating and other such anomalies through their carefully engineered design.

The BOOHER Insulated Tool Set is one of the safest set and toolkits out there because each insulated tool has to pass the 10,000 AC voltage test a certain number of times in order for it to reach final production.

Each tool has been individually rated at 1,000 Volts AC confirming its safety and risk-free nature. The insulated pliers present in the set have been manufactured using CR-V Steel and the screwdrivers have been manufactured using S2 Steel.


  • All the individual pieces present in the BOOHER 0200105 toolset have been GC and VDE certified.
  • They are prone to heat, static shocks, and high voltage anomalies.
  • They use extra hardened steel and S2 steel for their pieces and tools.
  • The insulated pliers and screwdrivers are extremely high leverage and provide ample protection and convenience.


  • The quality of these tools is quite average when compared to its price.
  • The tips of the screwdrivers are prone to get chipped after an extended time of use.


Generally, it can be said about the BOOHER 0200105 Industrial Tool Set that it is the most efficient, safe and insulated tool set on the market. It is expensive to some extent but it provides all the features and amenities one can wish for.

The Basic Insulated Tool Set provided by Klein is a complete toolset for those who wish to work with electrically insulated tools but do not need the excess or advanced tools. It provides a compact set of 3 pliers, 3 screwdrivers, a cable cutter and, a wire splitter.

All of the tools have been coated with a dual layer of protection from all kinds of unwanted conditions such as high voltage and heat. The tools are made strong and durable in order to prevent any sort of mishap.

Klein has used special CR-V steel with this basic insulated toolset so they can ensure users of its durability and strength.


  • It has been certified by IEC and VDE for its durability and performance.
  • They have been made in the USA.
  • A black nylon case is provided with the kit so portability is easier with the set.
  • Custom fitted tool pockets are also available for maximum convenience.


  • They may not contain some essential tools for highly critical work.
  • The handles and tips may break away soon from the tools.


For a set of basic tools which are electrically insulated, the Klein tool set comes at a very nominal price with a limited warranty. These tools are not only strong and durable, they are also highly safe.

After carefully analyzing all the reviews of these best insulated electrical tools, it is of our opinion that the Klein insulated electric tools are some of the best kind of electrical tools out there. Even on this list, they clearly stand out on top.

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