Best Hot Tub Disconnects: Top 6 of 2020

Best Hot Tub Disconnects: Top 6 of 2020

Whether you are looking to power your spa tub or safety switches, spa panels will come in very handy. These panels are designed to keep you safe from electric shocks. They are used to shut off power when you are performing routine maintenance and repairs on your tub. You can also use them to kill power in various emergency situations.

Spa panels are also known as hot tub disconnects or spa disconnects. Most of them come with 50 amperage capacity. Some of them are more powerful and are used for large capacity tubs. There are many uses of a spa panel.

It can provide you ground fault protection and also saves installation time if it comes with factory built GFCI breaker. It provides factory installed neutral and ground bars. They are also very safely designed because they prevent unauthorized entry through their padlocked cover.

A huge number of brands offer these panels and choosing the right one that caters your needs can be a daunting task.

So to help you separate the good from the bad – we’ve reviewed the Top 6 Hot Tub Disconnects of 2020.

Buy with the confidence that you’re getting good value for your money. Let’s dive right into the reviews.

Best Hot Tub Disconnects

Murray 60 Amp Spa Panel

The 60 Amp spa panel from Murray is also equipped with slightly strong amperage plus; it boasts two additional spaces for branch circuits. Moreover, you will also get a GFCI breaker. The unit is rated for outdoor use plus; it is also an Underwriter Laboratories listed product. The unit comes with a ground bar and a cover plate for your facilitation.

Constructed with the latest manufacturing processes, the installation of this panel is a breeze and it continues to serve you for an extended period. If you are working with 60 Amp panels, then don’t forget to use four-wire service for additional safety.

The overall rating of this panel is 125 Amp. Murray hot tub disconnect can protect you from electrocuting, and you can easily use it for all kinds of outdoor purposes. The panel is covered under 10-year warranty for parts and components.


  • It is rated for all-purpose outdoor use.
  • The panel is Underwriter Laboratories listed, and the manufacturer has used the latest production techniques to produce it.
  • You will find two additional spaces for branch circuits.
  • It is extremely easy to install.
  • You will also get a two pole GFCI breaker with the panel.


  • Not designed to work with three-wire service.
  • The covering made of plastic is not durable.


The Murray 60 Amp spa panel is all about durability, and you can use it with all types of external or outdoor circuits.

Intermatic Pool/Spa Control Panel

The hot tub disconnect breaker box from Intermatic comes with a T104M mechanism, and you can use it with Intermatic P1353ME as well as a P424ME control center. The all-in-one control panel eradicates the need for any additional junction boxes or service panels. Installing is not big of an issue. It also works well to reduce the installation costs and also fulfill all sorts of electrical requirements.

Moreover, the enclosure can also accept any mechanisms including T100M, RC2000M, PF1000M or any of the previously mentioned two. The 240V panel comes with one year warranty only for replacements. If you put in the circuit breaker, you will also be able to use the transformer to power your pool light.

The neutral bar is not insulated from the panel case, but it is grounded to the case. The previous model had a thin plastic cover, but this model comes with a rubber protection sleeve to cover the terminals right under the timer. The hot tub breaker box from Intermatic truly stands the test of time, and your panel can last for many years.


  • Your purchase is covered under 1-year warranty for replacement.
  • You will also get one T104M mechanism in the package.
  • It provides you with all-in-one control center services.
  • The panel can be used with P1353ME, P4243ME, T100M, RC2000M and PF1000M
  • The panel limits the need for any additional service panels or junction boxes.


  • The timer doesn’t always start up on time and is not very reliable.
  • There should have been a screw to hold the rubber sleeve tight.


Overall it is one of the best units available on the market because there are not many complainants associated with it and it is a panel that stands the test of time.

Schneider Electric 50 Amp Spa Panel

The Square D from Schneider Electric is the spa panel with 50 Amp capacities and comes with an outdoor enclosure with steel, and it also includes a central lug load center. The two space circuit comes with four single poles. It also features a two pole ground fault circuit interrupter.

It can provide you with protection for all kinds of outdoor circuits in addition to hot tubs and spas. For this reason, you can also use it for your fountains as well as swimming pools. It is engineered to bring you value and therefore, this panel is very quick to install and is extremely reliable.

It provides you with superior circuit protection. Homeline’s Square D is equipped with the cutting edge innovations which make it a reliable and convenient choice. The steel enclosure is painted with zinc coating and is rated 3R by NEMA. You can also padlock its top-hinged door.


  • It comes with easy-to-remove interior trim made of steel.
  • The main lug load center is constructed for all kinds of applications with capacities up to 50 Amp 120/240V.
  • Its rating for short-circuit current-interrupting is 10,000 A.
  • The Square D spa panel comes with a 10-year warranty on the enclosure while there is a lifetime warranty on the device running on the GFCI.
  • You can padlock the top hinged door for extra safety measures.


  • It is not designed for you if your area experiences frequent power outages.
  • The padlocked door is slightly difficult to open.


It is an excellent product that is designed to keep you safe from any electric shocks. You can perform all your maintenances with it without worrying about anything.

Siemens 60 Amp Spa Panel

The 60 Amp spa panel from Siemens comes with slightly strong amperage capacity, and it also has two extra spaces for branch circuits. Your purchase will also include a GFCI breaker, and the product is rated for outdoor usage.

The spa panel from Siemens is listed in Underwriter Laboratories as well. It also comes with a cover plate and a ground bar for your convenience. The overall panel rating is 125 Amp.

Siemens hot tub disconnect is equipped with the ability to protect you from short circuits, and you can use it for all types of outdoor circuits in addition to pools and spas. The product as a whole is covered under 10-year warranty for parts and components.

Constructed with state of the art manufacturing techniques the panel is very easy when it comes to installing and works well for a long time. For extra safety, if you are working with 60 Amp panels then go for four-wire service and have everything properly grounded.


  • This spa panel is very easy to install.
  • You purchase also includes two pole GFCI breaker.
  • There are two additional spaces for branch circuits.
  • The hot tub disconnect is rated for outdoor use.
  • It is also listed by Underwriter Laboratories and constructed with the industry leading manufacturing techniques.


  • The plastic covering with which it comes is not durable at all.
  • It is not an ideal product for three-wire service.


The product is excellent when we talk about performance and longevity. It is built to work with all kinds of outdoor circuits very conveniently.

GE  Spa / Pool Panel

The spa disconnect from General Electric is highly durable and excellent to use. The products from GE do not need any introduction, and this unit is no different either. This panel comes with double pole 50 Amp GFCI breaker. It also comes with an outdoor enclosure made of steel, and there will be 2-pole ground fault circuit interrupter to back up with the panel.

In addition to swimming pools and hot tubs, the panel seems to work right with all sorts of circuits that you use on your outdoors. The panel is made to provide you with the value of the money you spent, and for this reason, it is one of the most reliable panels available on the market. GE uses its cutting-edge technologies to manufacture its products, and due to this fact, their products are safe and durable.


  • The GE hot tub electrical disconnect is very convenient to install.
  • It works well with a two-pole GFCI breaker.
  • This pool/spa panel is rated for all outdoor circuits.
  • GE has used the latest manufacturing processes to design this panel to improve its reliability and durability.
  • The panel is covered under 1-year warranty for repairs and replacement.


  • It doesn’t work well with three-wire service.
  • The steel covering cannot be padlocked.


If you are looking for durability, then this panel will work out for you. It is an extremely reliable unit and can be used with all outdoor circuits.

Eaton Corporation Spa Panel

The spa panel from Eaton Corporation requires a couple of one-inch spaces, and it meets all federal requirements for w-c375 classification. The panel is all about versatility, and you can use it for all kinds of outdoor purposes.  The panel is not expensive, but it does not mean that you will get some low-end product.

It comes with a steel enclosure that is painted with zinc coating and is rated 3R by NEMA. You can also padlock the enclosure for extra precautionary measures. The panel is ground fault self-test, and it includes a factory installed a breaker too. This panel is listed by Underwriter Laboratories as well.


  • The hot tub disconnect by Eaton is UL listed.
  • The enclosure is NEMA 3R rated.
  • You can run self-test for a ground fault.
  • It meets all federal requirements for w-c375 classification.
  • The panel only requires a couple of one-inch spaces.


  • It has a very tight box to work with a six-gauge wire.
  • Tightening of washer nut is pretty difficult.


Overall the product is very safe to use, and it meets all federal requirements and quality standards. IT is easily one of the safest hot tub disconnects that you can find online.

Buying Guide

What is a hot tub disconnect and how does it work?

A hot tub disconnect is also known as a spa panel or safety switch. It is a device that is used to disconnect the electric equipment (in this case, a hot tub) from the power source. The panel is designed to keep people safe from electric shocks when they are around the hot tub or spa. The panel has a ground fault circuit breaker that can automatically shut off when it detects a ground fault. Ground fault means an unwanted current flow between the ground and the electric potential.

What are the benefits of using a spa panel?

There are multiple benefits of using a spa panel. It can provide ground fault protection, and it also saves plenty of time for installation if we compare it with a GFCI breaker. It comes with factory made neutral and ground bars and prevents any unauthorized entry too. The panel can also run automatic self-test GFCI.

What amperage or voltage of a unit should I choose?

Make sure that you only choose the units that are best suited for your application which is, in this case, a hot tub. For hot tubs, 50 or 60 Amp panels are best because they are rated up to 240V. You can use such a unit to power your swimming pools, saunas, hot tubs, and spas.

Should I opt for a fusible or a non-fusible panel?

You can opt either fusible or non-fusible panel. However, a fusible panel will also use fuses for short circuit or overcurrent protection. Short circuits occur when a hot conductor get in contact with the grounded equipment or conductor.

How are GFCI and AFCI outlets different from each other?

The function of an AFCI outlet is to protect potentially hazardous arc faults that may lead to fire ad cause injuries or damages. On the other hand, GFCIs directly protect people from electrocuting if the equipment they are using gets ground faulted. These both outlets can be used in same circuits.

What is meant by tamper-resistant?

Tamper-resistant is the outlets that are designed with a spring-loaded shutter mechanism within it. It helps to block the access to all the slots unless there is a two or three prong plug insertion. When same pressure is applied simultaneously, the shutters will open. Without this synchronized pressure the shutters won’t open and prevent any shock incident.


From our recommendations, the clear one turns out to be the 50 Amp spa disconnect from Schneider Electric. It is an excellent product that is designed to keep you safe from any electric shocks, and you can perform all your maintenance’s with it without worrying about anything. The product is extremely durable, and it does not cost much either.

We sincerely hope that you would have liked this article. Now you have all the information that is needed to buy the best hot tub disconnect that caters your needs.

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