Best Electricians Tool Pouch: Our Top 5 Picks of 2019

Best Electricians Tool Pouch: Our Top 5 Picks of 2019

In the market for an Electrician Tool Belt?

We asked Master and Journeymen electricians in the field what they looked for in a tool belt. What we found was no surprise to us.

Durability, the number of pockets, an even weight distribution, and the price of the tool belt stood out as the most important features.

The majority of electricians prefer belts with built-in back pads for lifting support. In addition belts with suspenders are very popular.

We have combined all of the information to bring you the Top 5 Electricians Tool Belts of 2019. We also feature the best trim-out tool belt and tool belt suspenders. Let’s dive straight into the reviews.

Best Electricians Tool Belt

Large Tool Belts

This type of belt you will carry during your normal 7 am to 5 pm job. The most important attributes will be how comfortable the belt is and the belt’s capacity (i.e. how many of your electrical tools it can hold). It’s best to choose a belt that has good padding and allows for suspenders to be an option. As for capacity, you want to be able to carry the most essential tools and materials for the day. Also with a large belt, you can attach a drill carrier with ease.

Most job sites require you have access to your materials and tools quickly. The large tool belt allows you to carry what you need for the day. Below are some of the best electricians tool belts we could find.

Occidental Leather Commercial Electrician Tool Belt

Occidental Leather Features:

  • Premium Product with all leather bag. Fully adjustable to fit any electrician.
  • Specifically designed with the electrician in mind.
  • Strategically placed pocks for faster tool usage.
  • Super heavy-duty design to last a lifetime.
  • Hammer holder with built-in tool pocket
  • Quick access pock for small tech screws or wire nuts
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA!!!!

Occidental Leather Pro Electrician Tool Belt

Occidental Leather Features:

  • Premium Product with all leather bag. Fully adjustable to fit any electrician.
  • Specifically designed with the electrician in mind.
  • Strategically placed pocks for faster tool usage.
  • Super heavy-duty design to last a lifetime.
  • Quick access pock for small tech screws or wirenuts
  • Built-in suspender rings
  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA!!!!

Rack-A-Tiers Electrical Tool Belt

Rack-A-Tiers Features:

  • Comes with a padded built with air-channel ventilation. This helps minimize sweating.
  • Contoured back support built into the belt. Great for long extended days on the job. BACK SAVER!
  • Very strong nylon web core interior. Built will stand the test of time.
  • Reinforce stitching with heavy duty metal rivets
  • DuraTec fabric with high-density nylon webbing around pocket opening
  • Built in carrying handles
  • Suspender ready! Has built-in suspender rings.

Custom LeatherCraft Electrical Tool Belt

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician’s Comfort Lift Combo Tool Belt, 28…

  • EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: Unique, padded suspenders on this tool belt are engineered to carry loads comfortably and distribute weight evenly without strain on lower back and hips.
  • EASY TO CARRY TOOL BELT: The handle design on this tool belt provides simple adjustments for easy carrying and storage without spilling contents.
  • 28 POCKET TOOL BELT: A zippered top flap pouch on this tool belt helps to prevent spillage of tools when not in use. 28 pockets for plenty of storage

Leathercraft Belt Features:

  • Padded Suspenders are included. This reduces the stress and weight on your hips. Allows for even distribution on your shoulders and hips. Great from your lower back!
  • Comes with Handles on the Side for easy carrying when not around your hips.
  • Has a zipper that locks in your tools so they will not fall out when transporting.
  • Has a built-in drill pocket that easily fits any cordless drill so it’s ready at your fingertips!
  • The belt is patted and comes with double tongue steel roller buckle.
  • Approximate weight is 8 pounds
  • Fits waist sizes from  29 – 46

Milwaukee Electricians Work Belt

Milwaukee Belt Features:

  • Comes with 29 pockets. This allows storage of every tool you could ever want to carry!
  • Rigid Nylon construction. Greatly reduces moister retention from sweat.
  • Rived seams with all-metal Hardware.
  • Integrated carry handles for easy transportation to a job site.
  • Pockets are made with puncture-resistant material.
  • Suspender ready clips built in.
  • Very comfortable on hips due to padded belt.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Trim Out Tool Belts

Trim out tool belts allow for you to quickly install receptacles, switches, and plates. The tool belt allows for the basic tools for trimming out a job site.

I usually have a canvas pouch (like this) in the front and my trim out belt on the right hip side.

If your left handed you will carry it on your left side. This set up allows for easy access to your tools/miscellaneous material. It also helps you move around faster due to not carrying a full load of tools.

A nice factor about this set up is when you have to kneel down to install receptacles, nothing jabs you in the midsection. Add a drill holder and turn yourself into a trimming machine!

Tool Belt Suspenders 

When it comes to suspenders I personally like padded ones. If you select a tool belt that already comes with suspenders you may take a look at what is on the market that could provide more comfort. It’s common nowadays that the market includes suspender rings built straight into the belt. Most suspenders come with attachment clips and have cell phone holders. Here are some great option below.

Tool Belt Accessories 

I have created a list of some of the most common tool belt accessories. Some of these are really handy to have. These are not a necessity but do improve speed and efficiency.  My favorite ones are the magnetic tool/screw holders.

Preview Product Key Features Price

Best Overall

MagnoGrip 002-580 Magnetic Drill Holster - Left and Right Handed, Black

MagnoGrip 002-580 Magnetic Drill Holster – Left and Right Handed, Black
  • 1 large pocket and 8 slots for storing drill bits and fasteners.
  • Exterior magnet for holding drill bits, screws and fasteners.
  • Left & Right Handed Design.

Premium Choice

MagnoGrip 311-090 Magnetic Wristband

MagnoGrip 311-090 Magnetic Wristband
  • Embedded with super strong magnets for holding screws, scissors, and small tools
  • Provides a third helping hand when you need it most
  • Ideal for many woodworking, home improvement, and do-it yourself projects

Excellent Value

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1104 Construction Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder,...

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1104 Construction Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder,…
  • ATTACHES TO ANYTHING: Versatile three way attachment for pants, web suspenders, work aprons, etc.
  • SECURE HOLD: For small tools or accessories like pliers, mini-flashlights, small screwdrivers
  • EASY ACCESS: Keep all of your small hand tools and supplies within reach
DEWALT DG5114 Heavy Duty Smartphone Holder DEWALT DG5114 Heavy Duty Smartphone Holder
  • This are soldering board holders
  • This are highly durable
  • This is manufactured in China
Custom Leathercraft 464 Heavy Duty Measuring Tape Holder, 16-30 in. Custom Leathercraft 464 Heavy Duty Measuring Tape Holder, 16-30 in.
  • Heavy-duty
  • Molded leather retains shape
  • Safety snap included
MagnoGrip 002-405 3-Pocket Magnetic Nail Pouch, Black MagnoGrip 002-405 3-Pocket Magnetic Nail Pouch, Black
  • Keep fasteners and tools securely organized and within reach.
  • Interior of nail pouch is magnetized to keep nails and tools from spilling.
  • Exterior of nail pouch is magnetized to securely hold small tools.
DEWALT DG5121 Heavy-Duty Impact Driver Holster DEWALT DG5121 Heavy-Duty Impact Driver Holster
  • ADJUSTABLE IMPACT DRIVER: This CLC impact driver holster has an adjustable strap and quick release buckle to hold drill securely in place.
  • DURABLE IMPACT DRIVER HOLSTER: Ballistic poly material provides strength and durability for this impact driver holster.
  • KEEP IMPACT DRIVER SECURE: The hook and loop back on this impact driver holster keeps strap back when not in use.
Scissors and Cable Splicer's Knife Holder Klein Tools 5187 Scissors and Cable Splicer’s Knife Holder Klein Tools 5187
  • Designed to hold Klein Electrician’s scissors (cat. No. 2100-5 or 2100-7).
  • Fits a cable-splicer’s knife (cat. No. 44200).
  • Stitched and riveted leather construction for long life.
CLC Custom Leathercraft 453 Utility Knife Sheath, Heavy Duty CLC Custom Leathercraft 453 Utility Knife Sheath, Heavy Duty
  • Fits most curved-handle knives
  • Fiber liner resists cut-through
  • Fits belts up to 2-3/4-Inch wide

What makes a great Electrician Tool Belt?

We have come up with a few things to consider when you make your purchase. Maybe these are ideas you have not thought about when trying to make your decision. We wear our belts daily in the field and have come up with what we believe are the major buying factors you should consider.

#1 Comfort and Fit

It’s super important to wear a belt that fits you correctly and is comfortable. Let’s face it, if you’re in the field it will never leave your hips. You want to make sure that nothing is poking you or causing you to feel uncomfortable. Just remember that any tool belt will have a “break-in” period. It’s going to take some time for the belt to loosen up and fit your body just right. I have always found that belts that have a pad and are breathable have always felt the most comfortable.

Another way to help the belt feel more comfortable is to wear suspenders. Suspenders take some of the weight off your back and hips. This is done by distributing the load between your shoulders and waist. This allows you to wear your belt a little loose around your hips.

#2 Durability

Choose a belt that is going to last for a while. Some belts just are not built well. Seams and rivets start to pull apart. You want to choose a belt with superior qualities. Leather tool belts do hold up pretty good but over time the leather stretches and wears out. Nylon should outlast leather belts and most come with pads for your hips. My favorite style are the belts that blend leather and nylon into one belt. These tend to have the best of both worlds!

Your belt is going to take a beating on the job site. Its also going to take a beating in your work truck. You’re most likely to store your belt in your tool box. This is a good option but be careful when placing sharp tools around your belt. These have a tendency to cut and poke holes. Buy a bag to store your belt in. This way your bag takes the beating and is way cheaper to replace.

#3 Customization and Capacity

It’s always best to choose a belt that is specifically designed for Electricians. Its not a problem using a construction tool belt but most will not have any spots for individual tools. Most only come with large pockets for larger tools like squares and marking tools.

Look for a belt with dedicated spots to quickly and easily grab your hand tools. Also a tape holder comes in pretty handy but watch out because sometimes your black tape might rub up on a finished wall!

I personally don’t like the hammer holder. Most times it sticks out further than the pockets and can really make a mark or even a dent in a wall. Look for something that has the independent hammer holder on the back. I mostly do commercial and don’t need a hammer. I replace the hammer holder with a drill holder like this one.

#4 Material Type

When it comes to material there are 2 types, leather and nylon. Most of the dinosaurs  in the trade swear by leather. During there prime that is what was available and at the time the best material. Now nylon competes quite well with leather. Nylon does not absorb sweat the way leather does. After a long day working, I don’t personally like the sweat smell to follow me in my truck.

Majority of the nylon belts come with a padded hip. This helps reduce the stress on your hips. Test both out for yourself! I recommend buying each type, try it on, test it out, and return the loser!

Tool Belt Safety

We have done our due diligence when it comes to researching how a tool belt affects our safety on the job site. We tend not to think of a tool belt as being safe but what we fail to consider is how it will affect our bodies. The main part of our body the tool belt will affect is our backs.

After a long hard day on the job, it’s common to feel some soreness in our backs or our feet.  If you ever feel more than just soreness, take a moment and figure out why.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • More than 1 million workers suffer back injuries each year
  • Back injuries account for 1 in 5 workplace related injuries

According to Safety and Health magazine Here are a couple of ideas to help alleviate back pain or injuries:

  • Use padded suspenders to distribute weight on your shoulders and hips
  • Use a padded belt for more comfort
  • Only carry tools specifically for the tasks of that day
  • Keep your extra tools in a tool bag or bucket

List of our Recommended Tool Belts from Amazon

Reasons why you should buy your Electrician Tool Belt from Amazon:

  1. Most products come with free shipping if you are a prime member
  2. Buy from one of the most well known online stores in the country. Shop worry free!
  3. Amazon has comprehensive reviews on all its products.
  4. Amazon offers some of the best prices on all electrician gear.

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