Best Cable Splicing Knife (Our Top Picks of 2019)

Best Cable Splicing Knife (Our Top Picks of 2019)

Review of Best Cable Splicing Knife

Electricians in the field know how important it is to have the right tools to help in making the job easier and better performed. One such tool that helps electricians is the cable splicing knife.

This knife is ergonomically made for working with cables, splitting them, and stripping them safely and with precision. The knife is made with durability so that it can remain sharp after several uses.

To help users choose the best cable splicing knife, we have compiled this buying guide. The guide will help users in determining the best of the product with features.

Our product reviews are also added to make sure you have an idea of the different products in the market and their details.

However, before starting, take a look at this comparison table to have a brief idea before you jump in the depth.

Best Cable Splicing Knifes

1. Jonard KN-7 Cable Splicing Knife

Review of Best Cable Splicing Knife

The Jonard cable splicing tool is a great option to cut any type of insulation on wires since it has a steel blade that is very sharp and is made to cut through all types of insulation that are various thicknesses. The handle of this splicing knife is made for a greater non-slippery easy grip of TRP (thermoplastic rubber) that is made to ensure that the user can be safe with the usage of the cable splicer knife.

Nevertheless, handles will also ensure the hand does not fall into tiredness using the product; otherwise, this will cause a loss of control.  The length of this blade is about 1-3/4 inches and the overall length of the product is 6-1/4 inches; which makes it easy to carry around safely. The price of this blade is very reasonable and it brings about great features for the price as well.


  • The handle of the splicer is made with thermoplastic rubber for better control
  • KN-7 is about 6-1/4 inches long and the length of the blade is about 1-3/4 inches
  • The steel blade is made extra sharp to cut through all kinds of insulation covers
  • The handle helps in reducing hand fatigue and keeping


  • There is no sheath with this knife which makes it a little hard to carry in the pocket
  • There is no hanging hole in this splicer for easy storage


One of the best things about this product is the thermoplastic rubber handle which ensures that the knife remains in control of the user; therefore, avoiding accidents.

2. Klein 44200 Cable-Splicer’s Knife

Review of Best Cable Splicing Knife

The 44200 Cable Splicer’s knife is filled with features to make your job easier. The specially designed short blade helps in precisely cutting the insulation from wires with convenience. It is about ¾ inches coping type made of steel that holds the edge carefully.

Furthermore, the short blade with a more comfortable handle allows better accuracy and reduced accidents at work. The handle is made to complement the usage of the blade. The patterned design is for comfort for the hand of the user and for a firm grip which eventually will reduce accidents.

This cable splicer knife has a hole on the end of it for easy and safe storage and even for added portability. The overall length of the knife is an ideal 6-1/4 inches which are easy to carry and easy to use. The weight of the splicer stands as light as 68g which makes it perfect for use.


  • The knife is light and easy to use
  • The handle has a patterned design to help increase grip and decrease accidents
  • There is an eye or a hole at the end of the knife to make it easy to store and carry
  • The length of the knife is 6-1/4 inches which are ideal to carry and easy to store


  • There is no sheath for carrying it under the protection
  • The short blade does not work with very thick wires


This Klein knife is an exceptional purchase even though it may be more expensive than other knives. The short blade is ideal for precision cuts and they help in reducing accidents at work. The eye of the knife helps in storing it and carrying it anywhere.

3. Jonard TK-400 Splicer’s Kit

Review of Best Cable Splicing Knife

The Jonard splicer kit is a kit with three pieces to help in cable splicing. Firstly, a short cable splicing knife that is very tough and made with cutlery steel blade. The length of the blade is about 1-3/4 inches which are ideal for precision cutting. Non-slip handle ensures the knife is not slipped out of the users’ hands while working and cause any injuries to the skin.

The second tool is a pair of splicer scissors. They are made with a high carbon steel material for durability. One side is a scraper along with a filer; while the other side has 2 stripping notches.

The third piece in this kit is a leather pouch to help you fit it all together and carry it easily. The pouch can also be mounted on belts of up to 2 inches width. The price of this kit is a little higher if you want to go for a solo splicer, but keeping in mind the three pieces, it is worth it and pretty reasonable.


  • Made with cutlery steel blade for precision in cutting
  • The handle of the knife is made non-slippery for a reduction in accidents
  • Three piece kit to help in cable splicing
  • The scissors have 2 stripping notches on one end, and a scraper with filer on the other
  • There is a leather pouch to easily store all things inside


  • The handle of the knife does not have a pattern for firm grip
  • The scissor holes are small and uncomfortable to use


This three-piece splicer kit is one of the best because of the additional tool and the pouch to carry all of it together easily. The product has a great quality splicer and a scissor to serve the purpose.

4. Southwire Cable Splicing Kit

Review of Best Cable Splicing Knife

The Southwire cable splicing kit is one of the best cable splicing kits because it is a 5 piece set that will help you through the process of splicing in various ways. Boot knife is used to remove cable jackets. The knife is made with a handle that is ergonomically designed to ensure that there is a steady grip and is not at all slippery for using.

A spring-loaded pair of scissors is also a part of this kit. The scissors help in making precise cuts without much human effort and reduced fatigue. Another piece is a sharp-toothed blade gripping scissor-like a tool that helps in gripping the wire when it is cut.

An LED pen light is a small and sharp light that helps in seeing the darkest and smallest of wires for precision cutting. To mark off the place to cut, you have a marking pen too. The whole kit fits into a leather pouch that can easily be mounted to your belt as well.


  • There are five pieces in this set to accommodate all cable splicing needs
  • The cable splicing knife is made with a grip designed for steady control
  • One of the pieces is a gripping tool which ensures that you do not have to use your hands
  • The whole kit can be put in a small leather pouch which can be mounted on your belt


  • The blade of the knife is not very tough for thicker insulators
  • The flashlight is not very bright to use but does the job anyway


Each tool works like a charm to help you with the cable splicing needs. The tools have a great pouch to store them in which can also be attached to your belt. All these features combine to make it a great option for users.

5. Morris Cable Splicer’s Knife

Review of Best Cable Splicing Knife

The Morris cable Splicer knife is a design rich in features to make it one of the best knives. The blade is a high resistance tempered steel that can hold an edge longer than regular knives. It also has the ability to remain sharp for a longer time than what regular knives bring about.

The grip is made to provide greater comfort and better control to the user and to reduce any accidents because of bad positioning.  The handle also reduces fatigue in the hand of the user. The knife is a short and coping blade that is made of cutlery steel which makes it highly durable. The blade can be used to cut cables, telephone wires, and most insulation as well.

This knife also has a pair of scissors with it which is perfect for stripping the sliced cables and insulations. The price is a little higher than usual, yet it is still a great purchase and quite reasonable.


  • The handle of the knife is made with a gripping design for control
  • The coping blade remains sharp for a long time
  • A pair of scissors used for stripping the cables
  • The blade is made with a high resistance tempered steel


  • The blade is not suitable for heavy duty cables
  • The handles are made of plastic which is slippery at times


The Morris splicer knife is made with exceptional features like a sharp blade that is durable for cable cutting. To support it, there is a pair of scissors that help in stripping the cables as well.

Buying guide

Our buying guide is compiled to make sure that when you buy a cable splicing knife, you get the best one. The aim is to get the knife which has all the features to help your job be with more accuracy and with most safety.

What should the handle of the cable splicing knife be like?

One of the most important things of your cable splicing knife is the handle of the knife. The handle is the only part of the knife that will directly be in contact with the user which means that the users will have to pay extra attention to the focus.

One of the finest ways and safest options is to get a rubber type material that will ensure a handy grip. Rubber tends to be non-slippery and hence, even if you exert extra pressure, it will not slip from your hands. However, keep in mind that the rubber should be of great quality otherwise it may just come out when you are using the tool. Plastic is not a good option here as it may not be very durable and it may slip from the hands of the user easily.

Another factor to consider the handle of the knife is to make sure it has a strong grip in some fashion. Some of the handles of a cable splicing knife are made with a pattern so that the grip remains intact; others are made with a finger grooves design to ensure that there is a strong grip. Either one works perfectly as long as the grip is strong.

What aspects of the blade are important in a cable splicing knife?

Another very important feature in a cable splicing knife is the blade. The blade is the part that will actually help you perform the task which is why it needs to be impeccable to ensure accuracy and precision in the process.

Short blades are small blades about 1-3/4 inches that ensure that small and even big cables and insulations can easily be cut. However, if the blade is not sharp enough, it may not work on heavier cables which will make it tough for you.

To ensure that the blade is sharp, a cutlery steel blade is the finest option. These blades remain sharp even when they are used a couple of times and they are strong enough to handle the heavy-duty cables without breaking their tips.

What additional features are important?

A few additional features make the cable splicing knives much more useful and right to use, these ones are highly recommended.

Among them, the first is a sheath or a cover. You will need to carry around the knife so it’s better to carry it in a protective layer or a pouch that will help you remain safe from any injuries while you carry it. A pouch usually comes with the knife; however, if your product did not come with a pouch, buy one on the side for protection.

Some of the knives come in a pair with scissors or a gripping/stripping tool. This tool is highly important to strip the wire and to hold it when you are precisely cutting the cable or the insulator.

Some knives simply come in a kit form to help you with all your cable working tools. These ones may be a little overpriced, but if the quality is in check then they are worth it. Kits usually do not focus on small details of the tools which are why they might not be the best option.


After reading the buying guide, you may have an idea of the best cable splicing knife. For us, the winner hand down is the Jonard KN-7 Cable Splicing Knife. This knife has a great focus on the handle which is made of high-quality rubber and a great pattern. The blade also has précised features which make it a great option. The cherry on top is the great price for a great knife.

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